Jennifer Dodd, LCSW

I have over a decade worth of experience working with diverse clients. Utilizing an integrative approach, I specialize in working with trauma, relational and attachment issues, as well as supporting individuals seeking more control and empowerment in their lives. I focus on supporting individuals coping with trauma, shame, impostor syndrome, individuals who identify as HSP’sLGBTQIA, and minorities. I bring sensitivity, curiosity, and nonjudgmental awareness to our sessions.

In addition to traditional talk therapy and Mindfulness-based ACT & CBT, I incorporate therapeutic modalities of IFS, Brainspotting, EMDR and Somatic therapies integral to the healing of your mind, body, and spirit.

Our work together can transform the relationship you have with yourself and those around you by healing the unresolved trauma symptoms and opening your life up to your full potential. This freedom affords you the opportunity to build your unique strengths and resources in order to move forward.


Phone: 503-659-3480 ext. 4

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