Misty Bonham, LCSW

My hope is to use therapy as a chance to reveal what feels unspeakable in your life and honor the parts of you that survived.  Then, hopefully, together, find a way not just to survive but to grow even more into the authentic and amazing person you are.  I won’t try to fix you… you are not broken! 

I experienced the value of therapy during my mother’s unexpected death.  My counselor was able to remind me of the knowledge and strength I already had to shape my life into my dream and I my expectation is to provide that same counsel to others.  I know what it’s like to go through trauma, I am a survivor, too: of generational poverty, mental illness, abuse.  But, I don’t know what it’s like for you, in your body and your experience. 

My modality is first – what works for you?  I have many tools to support our work – Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Gestalt Therapy, Ecological Systems Theory and many years of experience supporting survivors of trauma.  Laughter is another method that comes easy for me and sometimes, at just the right time, levity can bring a touch of comfort. 

Much of my career focus has been with families and children.  Another passion is spiritual conversation and reflection and the intersection of religion on our mental health – sometimes faith causes pain and other times healing, doesn’t it?

My credentials are: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers, Master of Social Work from University of Kentucky (2006) and Master of Divinity from Lexington Theological Seminary (2005).

In my personal time, I am a fulfilled momma of 4 human beings and 3 fur babies and a loving, supportive partner.  My newest hobby is working on our fixer upper of a house.  Whenever I can, I try to fit in a good book, a walk through nature or watch a great comedy to decompress. 

503-659-3480 ext. 24

Email: Misty@TrellisCounseling.org

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