Sara Booth, LCSW

Sara with her therapy dog, Chewy


Thank you for thinking about inviting me on your journey!  It is courageous work to explore the depths of who we are, why we are, and how we want to be in this world.  I truly believe that we are all our own best healers and that we all have the inner resource necessary to be our most authentic self.  I find infinite value in working with people to create an oasis where people can explore which aspects of vitality can elicit healing and how to balance the strength that comes from struggle.  I will do my best to create a space that feels safe, honest, exploratory, and inspiring and I will always value your voice, beliefs, culture, and experiences.

A little about me, I have been a social worker for over 15 years, licensed for 6 of those years.  I began my work rooted in psychology, thinking about how genetics impacts the way we navigate our world.  I have come to believe that our environment and experiences play just as big of a role.  In addition to merging perspectives on psychology and social work, I also blend healing modalities of the east and the west.  I believe in the power of traditional narrative therapy and I pay close attention to how the brain and the body are impacted by trauma.  I utilize talk therapy, breath and energy work, body work, meditation, herbal therapy, plant medicine consultations, food as medicine, and animal assisted therapy.

Everyone has their own deep, intuitive wisdom that can sometimes get buried within us.  When it comes to trauma, whether it be acute, chronic, or complex, it can get buried very deep in the mind and body because that is what is needed to be done to survive.  The trick is to figure out what is still needed for survival and what can be let go.  My hopes are to support people in finding their wisdom, by exploring techniques that best resonate with you and your body, and letting that guide what stress or trauma has come to mean in your life and if that is the meaning you want for it.

In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am a Holistic Health practitioner.  I am certified to explore medicinal plants with people that can support emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health.  Additionally, I am able to explore how foods impact aspects of our vital health and what types of diets will support a healthy body.  I am certified in Trauma informed modalities, meaning that I have an understanding of how trauma impacts the body and brain, what will be supportive to people experiencing trauma, and how people who have and do experience trauma navigate the world.  Lastly, I am a certified animal assisted therapist.  Working with an animal who has also experienced trauma can sometimes feel like a safer way for people to explore their own trauma.  In the future, I would like to become certified in Heart Math Science which looks at the rhythm of the heart, how well-being is impacted by the rhythm, and how to improve the rhythm.


Phone: 503-659-3480 ext. 24

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