Trellis Counseling in Milwaukie Trauma Counseling in Milwaukie

Welcome to Trellis Counseling!

We are skilled trauma therapists and have worked with hundreds of clients. We understand the impact trauma has on the psychological issues that people face.

Our work revolves around offering help and hope in a safe environment that allows clients to explore their challenges. We work with our clients and help them resolve their emotional issues of the past and the present, to open the door to a brighter and confident future. We have extensive training in trauma therapies to help aid in the recovery of trauma symptoms and challenges.

Trellis Counseling seeks to offer hope to find a life worth living. Come in and see if we can help you find that hope. We strive to offer an experience that is different than you might have experienced before, offering a calm, welcoming feel to our clients.

Where did the name Trellis Counseling come from? A trellis is used in the garden to support the growth of a plant. The design of the trellis is to be "behind-the-scenes" so that the plant can grow and be seen in its glory. Like that trellis, we want to be support to our clients as they grow and "bloom". We offer support and hope but the client is who is actually making the changes in their lives with that support.


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