Maggie Simon

Hello and Welcome!

I am happy you are here.

As a therapist, my intention is to support you with kindness and respect. It is crucial to me that our time together provides you with the opportunity to be gently held in all your magnificent complexity. Being human is messy. Many of us have learned to be harsh on ourselves during difficult times, when what we truly need is to be cared for. I aspire to co-create a nurturing safe haven for you. I understand that this process can be vulnerable, we will move at the pace that feels ok for you.

Therapy is a process of discovery, where we get to explore and uncover what is causing you pain, and what allows you to feel better. With a playful and supportive attitude, I am fearlessly available to meet you wherever you are. I strive to cultivate a space where you can freely explore and express your full range of emotions. I want to sit beside you as we address the hurt places you carry within.

My practice is grounded in somatic therapy, a body-centered approach. I emphasize experiential methods over purely cognitive ones. Humans possess innate healing capacities when nurtured in supportive environments. Sometimes our thinking minds hinder this capacity, and it is useful to let our bodies be our compass, guiding us towards healing.

With a Master’s degree in social work, I practice therapy as a Clinical Social Work Associate (CSWA). At the heart of social work lies a systems perspective that challenges the prevailing societal norms concerning mental illness. Instead of viewing an individual’s struggle as a personal inadequacy, I perceive it as indicative of wider societal deficiencies. This framework holds significance for me because it enables us to acknowledge the compounding impact of being falsely blamed for hurting. You may be struggling right now, but that does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Your past and present experiences don’t define who you are or who you’re becoming.

In terms of my training and experience, I’ve been a professional massage therapist for 15 years, specializing in the Rolf Method of structural integration. Additionally, I’m trained in the Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy, a trauma-informed, relationally-oriented, somatic practice.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you! Take Care ❤️

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